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Please join our team and help build a better Paradise

The District cannot afford to provide all the recreation and park services needed in our community - your continual assistance is essentail

Thank you Paradise for your donations that have kept the District moving forward!

(Over $225,000.00 of large donations over the past decade)

Raymond James

Bille Park Playground
Children's Scholarship Program

Feather River Hospital

Paradise On Ice

Rotary Club of Paradise

Bille Park Playground
Paradise On Ice
Aquatic Park Rotary Grove

Tri County's Bank

Paradise On Ice

Prestopino Endowment

Camp Coutolenc Scholarship

PG & E

Paradise On Ice

Murphy Family

Terry Ashe Recreation Center Development

Annual Partners

Small Buisnesses and individuals that continually give to our community


Thousands and Thousands of hours from individuals, clubs and organizatins partnering in providing park and recreation services.