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Students will learn basic hand and foot movements for easy to follow authentic Polynesian dancing. This class will help coordination, balance, as well as strengthen
your core, hips, and knees. Enjoy the beauty of the dance. Drop-ins are welcome
INSTRUCTOR: Terri Ruggeri
Fri       3:00pm-4:00pm       Adults
SESSION I: March 3-April 21
SESSION II: April 28-June 16
SESSION III: June 23-August 25
FEE: $5.00 per class Punch Card available
LOCATION: Terry Ashe Recreation Center


No partner is needed for this fun and fast-moving dance which is similar to tap dance but less formal. A good sense of rhythm is important, and the desire to get some exercise and have lots of fun on the dance floor. Just wear a comfortable pair of shoes that do not make marks on our beautiful wood dance floor and that do not "grab" the floor when you do the"brushing" motion with your feet to make the clogging sound.
INSTRUCTOR: Charlene Togstad
WED       9yrs-Adult
Intermediate 3 Plus       3:30pm-5:00pm
Intermediate 3       5:00-6:30
SESSION: March 22-April 26
LOCATION: Terry Ashe Recreation Center
FEE: $30.00 (Member) $33.00 (Non-Member)


Come join us for a review of your tap skills. Dance down Memory Lane with shuffles, ball changes, “Shuffle Off to Buffalo,” and many more steps. You will have a great time reviewing your tap skills--and it’s great exercise. Bring tap shoes. Your questions and expectations will be addressed during the first session.
INSTRUCTOR: Sharon Simonton
Wed       11:30am-12:30pm       6 wks       Adults
SESSION I: March 1-April 5
SESSION II: April 12-May 17
SESSION III: May 24-June 28
LOCATION: Terry Ashe Recreation Center
FEE: $30.00(Member)
$35.00 (Non-Member)



This simple class is for beginners or those wishing to come back to ballet for exercise. Both women and men will benefit from the focus on gaining flexibility and strength. Students should wear either dance or exercise apparel. Ballet or jazz shoes are recommended and are available for purchase at Dance Evolution Studio.
Please bring a water bottle to class.
INSTRUCTOR: Dance Evolution Studio
Thurs       5:30 pm– 6:30pm       Ages 13 -Adult
SESSION I: March 2-March 23
SESSION II: May 11-June 1
SESSION III: June 8-June 29
SESSION IV: July 13-August 3
SESSION V: August 10-August 31
LOCATION: Dance Evolution Studio 657 Pearson Rd
FEE: $32.00 (member) $37.00 (non-member)

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